Meet Four Star Construction

In 1960, Edward Johnson and his three sons, Richard, Donald and Dale Johnson, began a small construction company, Ed Johnson and Sons. In 1962, the company was incorporated and renamed Four Star Construction, Inc. The company began as a general contractor working on residential projects only. As the company grew, commercial work became the primary focus. Soon after their sons, Dale and Don Johnson, took over the business. Dale managed the internal office operations while Don headed all field operations. As their families grew, sons, Tom and Craig, became involved with the business as well. Over the past decade, the company has ventured into the oil and gas industry providing services across all Midwestern states.

Today, Four Star Construction, Inc. successfully serves both industrial and commercial customers over ten Midwestern states. Located in Superior, Wisconsin, the company prides itself in providing quality solutions in a timely manner with the upmost safety concerns and standards. With each changing year, we are dedicated to providing solutions that will meet all commercial and industrial needs for growth in the future.

With more than 55 years of experience, our company’s pride and focus will respectfully remain Safety, Quality, and Timely Solutions.